Miramar and Davis-Monthan AFB Air Shows
and Tucson National Guard

Pictures taken below at several air shows in 2006 through 2012 at Davis-Monthan and Miramar. I used a Nikon D2x/D700 or D3x with an 80-400mm VR Lens for most shots. In 2012, I used a larger Nikon 500mm f4 connected to a D3x. A few favorite images below. Additionally, a few newer pictures taken of national guard training at Tucson Airport.

If you like these and want to see more, additional images are at:

Davis-Monthan 2006, Davis-Monthan 2007, Davis-Montham 2012, Miramar 2006, Miramar 2007.


Condensation builds up around this jet as it approaches the sound barrier.



Stealth Bomber fly by.


Closer view of Stealth Bomber.

Panning on the right aircraft resulted in a blurred left plane as they approached each other at over 1,000MPH



Another opposing flight pass.


Afterburners pushing F-16 up



Sharp turn with afterburners lit. The stormy background clouds enhance contrast.



Thunderbird with afterburner lit.



Precision demonstration Flight



Precision demonstration Flight


A full pixel crop of the image shows the pilot at bottom focusing on the upper airplane's wing.


Wing wash vortices from the airplanes' smoke generators create an interesting background behind the jets.



Precision demonstration Flight



I took this picture just as the formation was breaking apart.



B1 Bomber on afterburner at DM AFB.



Afterburner close up.

Afterburner lit as F-16 turns into Arizona's blue sky.



Shockwaves follow this F-16


Taxxing aerial performer at DM AFB.



Condensation surrounds this jet at near Mach 1.


F16 taking off with after burners at Tucson International Airport.



F-16 at Tucson International Airport



Thunderbird making a sharp turn.



Full steam ahead!



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