Davis-Monthan AFB 2005 Air Show
Tucson, Arizona

Pictures taken below at Davis-Monthan air show. It was a hazy day, and we were shooting towards the sun, so
colors are a bit muted. The US Airforce Thunderbirds put on a highly coordinated show.

(Note: I've added more recent images from the 2007 Air Show here.)


On the tarmac, waiting to go.



A retired general flew a WWII vintage aircraft.



A Japanese Zero leaves a smoke trail.



The Heads Up Display unit can be seen above this F-16's nose.



Sun reflecting off the canopy.



A-10 Warthog. A 'slower' but resiliant airplane designed to support ground troops.



B-17 Bomber



B-17 Bomber Radial Piston Engine.



F-16 Canopy, awaiting its pilot.



Following a flight, a pilot waives at the crowd as he taxi's on by.



Another F-16 picture, parked and awaiting flight.



A demo flight showing in-air refueling.
Since these were all hand-held shots, I used a fast shutter speed, freezing the propeller's motion.



And now the highlight of the show, the USAF Thunderbirds.



The engines come to life, about to depart.



Thunderbirds in formation.


Another tighly coordinated pass.


Turning towards the airfield.



Flying on by.



After-burners lit up.



Landing after a spectacular performance.



2010 John Miranda