Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hiking

Below are pictures taken while hiking from the South Rim to the North Rim (and back) over various years along
with overnight camping trips. For more about rim to rim hikes, read my journal page. A couple images come
from an overnight camping trip at Phantom Ranch, where we enjoyed a steak dinner at the canteen. During a
more recent hike in February 2011, we encountered snowy conditions during our trip.

Early morning light hits the South Kaibab Trail.


Early morning light hits the South Kaibab Trail.



Overlook from South Kaibab Trail.



First rays of light reaching the canyon.
The South Kaibab Trail can be seen in the distance (towards center).


Hiker, South Kaibab.
This picture is featured in the South Kaibab Trail Guide published by Grand Canyon Association.



Ridge on South Kaibab.



Near South Kaibab Trail.



South Kaibab Trail rewards hikers with stunning ridge views.



Switchbacks leading down to the Plateau below.



Vista on the South Kaibab Trail as a storm front approached.


While camping in Phantom Ranch, I use a flashlight to illuminate the foreground in this evening picture.



The trail descends into the inner gorge, revealing new colors as we approach the Colorado River.



The same area as the image above on a stormy day.



Finally, the bottom near Phantom Ranch is seen.



Silver Bridge leading to Bright Angel Trail.



Winter ascent on the Bright Angel Trail.



Winter ascent on the Bright Angel Trail.



Bright Angel Trail in snow.

Grand Canyon Winter View



Ribbon Falls at the bottom of the canyon.



Sunset as seen from the North Rim.
This image can be seen as a 30 foot mural at the National Geographic IMAX Theatre near the Grand Canyon.



Storms in the distance.



2011 John Miranda