Visit to Phantom Ranch

Below are some pictures of two camping trips at Phantom Ranch. In both cases we were able to eat at the canteen where dinner supplies are brought in by mule. The steak dinner was excellent. On one trip I chose not to bring a tent, as there was no rain in the forecast. It was erie but rewarding to experience the bottom of the Grand Canyon with only a sleeping bag, allowing the stars and moons' reflection to illuminate the rock walls during the evening. At dawn, we packed up and hiked out the Bright Angel Trail.


Early morning, South Kaibab. The trail can be seen in the image center.



Kabab trail below us.



Canyon view from South Kaibab.



ColoExiting a tunnel onto the Black Bridge, over the Colorado River.



Cabin at Phantom Ranch.



We successfully weasel our way into Phantom's nightly steak dinner, community style.



All of it muled in for our dining pleasure.
Above, the only selection for the 5pm menu, followed by stew at 6:30pm.
If you like neither, your next choice is 9 miles up at the top of the canyon rim.



Silver Bridge catching the last rays of sun for the day.



Once it was dark, I set my camera on a picnic table, aiming straight up and exposing for 20 seconds.



Stars at Phantom Ranch. A flashlight was used to illuminate the creek and trees.



Colorado River.



Ribbon Falls.



Lush Spring as we begin our hike out on the Bright Angel Trail.




2010 John Miranda