Hiking Buckskin Gulch, Utah


We explored the first few miles of Buckskin Gulch in Southern Utah. A slot canyon, hike times must occur outside of monsoon season or when there is no rain in the region to avoid flash floods. When inside the canyon, debris can be seen lodged fifty feet above where a prior flood left it. During mid May, we found temperatures around 50 degrees F inside the canyon. We hiked four miles in, then as we spotted a few clouds forming, hiked back out, scratching the surface of the entire possible route.


Light formations at the bottom of the slot canyon.


I included hikers in various pictures to convey perspsective.


Some areas of the canyon are so narrow my shoulders rubbed on both sides to squeeze through.

Our hike required crossing chilly standing pools of water every few minutes.

A picture taken of me crossing another standing pool of water. (photo credit: Mark Schmisseur)

After two miles in a slot, the trail opens to reveal an amphitheatre.

Dramatic rock walls are seen.


Buckskin Gulch



A darker area during our hike.


Periodically the canyon walls widen and become narrow again.


Large debris brought in by a prior flash flood.


Another amphitheatre carved by erosion.

During the hike, petroglyphs can be seen.


© 2011 John Miranda