French Polynesia

Below A few of my favorite pictures from a May 2008 trip to French Polynesia. We visited Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahaa, Raiatea, and many smaller motu's. We spent a few days on land, then took a week cruise on the M/s Paul Gauguin. I also added underwater images taken with my reliable Nikon D100 DSLR.



Traveling from the US to Bora Bora required an overnight stop in Tahiti. Our "in-transit" hotel.



Bora Bora surrounded by lagoons, seen from the airplane.



Bungalows near Bora Bora.


Bora Bora Intercontinental, bottom of image, seen from the airplane.



Over-water bungalows.



Moonrise over Bora Bora.



M/s Paul Gauguin anchored at Moorea.



Motu (Island).



Our lunch spot, on a small Motu.



Resort on Bora Bora



Afternoon shower near Moorea.


Sailing outside the reef.



I used an under-water kit with my Nikon D100 to capture reef shark and sting rays while diving.



While swimming in 10 feet of water, what possibly lays below?
I positioned the camera partially above water to capture this image.



Black tipped reef shark and Sting Ray.



Black tipped reef shark.



Here I am photographed by our dive instructor, Dominique tehei.
A Lemmon shark proceeds below.



Tahitian Pearl farm.



Early morning, Bora Bora.



Last sunset cocktail, waiting for our night flight home.


2020 John Miranda