Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California


On occasions we indulged ourselves for brief stays at Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California. The very tranquil inn is designed to blend in with the surrounding natural environment.



Path to Ocean House, Big Sur.



Ocean House, Big Sur.



Ocean House with its living roof.



Spectacular views of Big Sur, below.



Sierra Mar Restaurant.



Scallops prepared three ways, Sierra Mar Restaurant.



Breakfast at Sierra Mar Restaurant.



Heated pool overlooking Big Sur.



Heated pool overlooking Big Sur.



Treehouses can be seen in the distance.



Negative Edge pool over the Pacific Ocean.



A Sierra Mar visitor enjoying sunset above Big Sur.


Coast House



Coast House


Close up of Tree Houses.


Interior, Cliff House.


Inviting patio area.



Deck, Coast House.



Sunset, Cliff House.



Indulging on the Inn's complimentary Lexus while enjoying Highway 1.



2012 John Miranda