John Miranda


About the Photographer:

I enjoy combining photography with both travel and the outdoor landscape.  This began informally as I started to cover my office wall with pictures taken while hiking or traveling destinations that I wanted to vividly remember.   Over time, my interest has grown as I've followed the works of outdoor and adventure photographers.  In 2009, I combined my interest in astronomy with imaging. Most recently, my images are made with a Nikon D850 digital SLR camera. While I occasionally sell images, my motivation is about how I feel about a particular place, and my desire to capture and share what it meant to me.

Photography credits include publication in various newspapers, art work in commercial properties, books both in the United States and Europe, calendars, and a mural image at the National Geographic Grand Canyon Visitor Center (South Rim). I live between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.  Your comments & questions are always welcome.  Prints can be made upon request.   I can be-mailed at john at