This site is about travel and landscape photography. 

I discovered my interest in photography when first visiting New Zealand in the late 1990's, where I was struck by its natural beauty, and quickly purchased my first Nikon 35mm F60 SLR film camera while in Queenstown. Over time, I experimented with medium and large format cameras (that allow much more detail capture). With the advent of digital photography, I transitioned through various Nikon DSLR models from the early D100 to the more recent D850.

For a period, I combined a telescope with photography and imaged planets and galaxies. If you are looking for a hobby that can be expensive while costing you sleep, astro-imaging is a great option!

Alongside my Nikon DSLR, I have begun using a Leica rangefinder camera, and am drawn to its small size and fundamental simplicity (e.g. remove excess features). More recently, I also came across a Leica film rangefinder, and rediscovered film, primarily black and white photography with Kodak Tri-X 400 film. The grain and feel of this film compared to pristine digital camera output reminds me of experiencing LP records over digital music - the imperfections give rise to its unique character. The film camera subsequently led to finding a used photography enlarger and processing my own photo prints in a darkroom - it's enjoyable to watch the image appear on the photographic paper as it is submerged in developer.

Photography isn't a source of income, but an art I enjoy that brings continuous learning. I can be reached at A spam blocker may email you back to confirm that your message isn't automated.

A selection of favorite images can be found here.

From Central Coast California, where we now live, I hope you enjoy my website, and thank you for visiting.


John Miranda