The 2003 Chicago Marathon - Mile by Mile
October 12, 2003
A Photographic journey

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I wanted to visually capture as best as I could "what it's like" to run a large marathon.  The 2003 Chicago Marathon, with over 40,000 participants, ranks the highest in number of participants of any marathon in the World.  Because nothing but the best would suffice to you, the viewer, I carried a Nikon digital SLR with a wide angle 12-24mm lens.  I shot over 250 images, sometimes while running, sometimes while pausing on the side.  Below, in sequence is a photographic journal of the Chicago Marathon, which we can comfortably enjoy without having to run 26.2 miles!

(s = 35mm, d = Digital, m=6x7 Medium Format, l= 4x5 Large Format)

Even after 10 miles, the number of fans supporting runners was continuous, and 3-5 deep.  Truly amazing. 
With no exceptions, fans were seen at each and every mile of the entire marathon.  The fans' energy level was
always high, with lots of yelling and cheering. Many fans seemed to be exerting more energy than the runners! (d)



Above us, more spectators continue to encourage runners. (d)



Needless to say, there were no bike rentals a mile ahead!   (d)



We are now headed back South towards downtown Chicago, approaching the half way point. (d)



At last, mile 13.1, half way there! I have been running for about 2:20 minutes now,
and the lead champion runners have already completed the race! (d)



An elderly fan stood in the course, acknowledging the runners. (d)



As we approach miles 17-20, we receive bananas and
energy shots to keep us going.  Here we reach the Cliff Shot stop. (d)



Mmmmm, my chocolate energy gel.  Doesn't chocolate sound  great after running 20 miles? (d)



A sign of the hot day.  Several runners collapsed due to the heat, and
sadly a 29 year old woman did so fatally at the finish line. (d)



Still the gatorade and water stops were abundant.  Some runners, becoming nauseated,
fail to continue taking in liquids and food, furthering their dehydration. (d)



Step after step, I keep moving past mile 20. (d)



We reach Pilsen, Chicago's latino district.  (d)



Finally, I reach mile 25.2.  A sign encourages us to keep plodding.  (d)

2010 John Miranda