Sydney, Australia

In January 2004 we visited Sydney, Australia. Sydney is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Our visit co-incided with several summer festivals and activities, including a night light show from the Harbour Bridge synchronized to music near the famous Opera House. For most of us, Sydney is a long ways from home, but well worth the journey. Beyond Sydney's beauty, unmatched Aussie friendliness makes the visit that much more enjoyable.


Busy Circular Quay in downtown Sydney. To the left a cruise ship can be seen.
Ferries are a viable and reliable source of mass transit. The harbor typically has
one or more boats coming or going at any given time. (s)



A ferry carries commuters from suburban neighborhoods to cental Sydney. (d)



Pictures of downtown Sydney taken next to the Opera House. Across the bay, a light show from Harbour Bridge
began each evening, accompanied by synchronized music. (s)



Different colors lit the downtown harbor. (s)



Visitors climbing the Harbour Bridge. (s)



The famous Sydney Opera House. During our visit,
an average of 4-5 shows played each evening in various separate auditoriums. (s)



An early evening view of the Opera House. (s)



A daytime close-up of the Opera House, showing its textured finish.
This shot was taken from a boat. (s)


And of course, Australia's Kangaroo. In this case, a tired one. (d)

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